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A Strange Deprivation

A girl in my family is going to be a mother for the first time. During this period, she came across numerous troubles. But, she endured every inconvenience in the happiness of becoming a mother. Whole of the family is happy now. To cater for the needs of the new comer every possible preparation is going on to ensure the new guest of the new world can begin his life properly.

More or less, it’s a story of every human being. It shows that, a man has a consciousness regarding concept of the future. He prepares for it. He tries to save himself from the unforeseen difficulties and takes gratification by perceiving the unrevealed joyful moments. Man’s concept of future guarantees his individuality and warrants his survival and success in this world.

I often reflect that the same concept of future will become the biggest reason for a man’s doom on the Day of Judgment; when Allah will question the human beings on the Day of Judgment that I had informed you through My Messengers about the promised blessings of the Paradise and sufferings of Hell. My message was lying with you not only verbally but also written in the form of the Holy Quran; therein lied the answer to every intellectual and rational question, with these possession you were used to spend life in preparation for the future; then tell me why did you not prepare for this life of the day of Judgment and for this new life.
God will ask, I gave you life, livelihood, how much did you worship Me, Obeyed Me? You used to call Me in times of trouble; you made supplication to Me and I helped you; got you out of hardships, but, when My religion was in hot waters, you were carelessly absorbed in your own world. Your peaceful days and sleepy nights weren’t affected at all. Go away, today, I have nothing for you except deprivation.
How strange the man is who cherishes the concept of future and how strange will be his eternal deprivation which he will get on the day of Judgment.

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