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Applied for Registration

There is a flood of new cars on the roads thanks to the car finance offers by the Banks. Whosoever is able to save a few thousands a month can become an owner of a new car instantly. This is the reason that we observe innumerable cars plying on the roads displaying Applied for Registration plate. The sentence is observed on the newly bought cars from the showrooms which the owner in a wave of ecstasy brings on the road before registering it with the government department.

When I see the shining applied for registration cars on the black tar roads; it makes me think the reason why do people purchase a new car so fondly? The answer to this question is known to everyone who ever is aware of the color, shine, engine throb and comfort of AC of the cars.

Human sense of beauty; his aesthetics; his desire of luxury and comfort; craving for rest and peace; longings to excel others; to get appreciation from others compels a man to for such a car displaying Applied for registration.

Ah! Unfortunately, the same human being is so oblivious of the beauty of God’s paradise; its tranquility; its gratification; its delights; and its aura that we observe no sign of Paradise in his wish list. Should it be so that every Muslim ought to pay the full price of the Paradise with his character; deportments; personal traits and wealth then begs to the Almighty earnestly to register him in the residents of the Paradise.

Would that he loves God; obeys Him; dispenses justice to the people; serves the people; shower favors on the destitute; and his demeanor speaks for itself that “ I am paying the price of the Paradise and wish to be settled down in the paradise permanently. But, in this world of Applied for Registration cars, it is hard to find the people inscribed with Applied for Registration for Paradise.