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ATM of the Day of Judgment

“Is money disbursed here?” The voice stuck me and I turned towards it. It was a minor girl; on whose face and dress a silent story of her poverty had been inscribed. The innocent girl watched me drawing money from the ATM booth and there arose a question in her simple mind which she had asked me now.

I answered in affirmative; yes my daughter; it is the place where money is disbursed. Very innocently she asked the next question;” can everyone get money from here?” I answered ‘NO’; only those can get money from here whose deposits are lying in the bank. I stepped forward after this short dialogue. But I was thinking that Tariq road where people come to buy every item of necessity and luxury; there is nothing for this innocent girl except disappointment.

Money is the basic need of human beings as it makes the mare go in this world. Man has to toil hard to earn this money; similarly when the real life begins after the Day of Judgment; every blessing therein can be traded of with the currency of virtue. But this currency may not be available to everyone; rather it will be accessible to those only who has toiled hard to do virtuous deeds. Allah deposits their virtues in His bank; on the Day of Judgment, whenever they want their virtues will be handed back to them.

But when on the Day of Judgment these righteous people will be coming out of God’s ‘Bank’ after drawing their currency of virtues; some people will be putting the same questions, and getting the same answers as is mentioned above; ‘ only those get money who has a deposit.”

Fortunate is he who will get a share of ‘money’ on that day; unfortunate is he who gets nothing but disappointment.