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Bas Yahi Dil بس یہی دل

Bus Yahee Dil

ابو یحییٰ    کی تصنیف

دل کو چھو  لینے والے مضامین

ذہن کو  روشن کر  دینے والی تحریریں


‘Bas Yahi Dil’ is a collection of thought-provoking articles by Abu Yahya in his typical heart-touching style. The articles in this collection focus on creating a God-centred personality that has a very positive approach towards life. This is a central theme in Abu Yahya’s writings.

We have published the initial few articles from the book. In time, we will publish the rest in this section as well as in the ‘Articles’ section. You can read the complete book by downloading an electronic copy by clicking the relevant button in the upper right hand corner or by ordering a hard copy by clicking the button next to it.

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4 Responses to Bas Yahi Dil بس یہی دل

  1. Taimur Khan says:

    A must read.

  2. sufiyanuddin quazi says:

    Bahot qub

  3. husnain says:

    nice book….please read it…and make your life better.

  4. plz tranlate in to hindi or audio version

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