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Just a Heart

Abu Yahya
Translated by Shahbaz 
A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a function that happened to be in a five star hotel.  The ambiance of the hall in which the function was arranged was quite fascinating. It had a big spacious hall, beautiful chandleries, carpets, cool breeze, curtains and along that, an arrangement for an extravagant dinner.
While I sat there, I contemplated on the fact that these type of functions were common around the world, but one was only able to attend such functions if one were invited to it. There was a certain cost associated to being a part of such functions that only the renowned, the skilled and the wealthy could pay. All this was out of reach of an ordinary person who may not be able to attend one all his life.
It occurred to me that when God will create his Paradise, it will definitely be more beautiful than any of the worldly luxuries and blessings. One of the greatest aspects of this Paradise will be that in order to enter it, one would not have to be influential, rich, skilled or famous. There will be no cost for attaining the joys of the Paradise’s beautiful valley, its splendid functions, and infinite blessings, but for a broken heart; a heart which has crumbled to pieces on account of its Lord’s gratitude. This will be the only price one will have to pay to enter the Paradise.
Such a heart has sincerity, true love for its sustainer, and a passion for his obedience. It has a desire to sacrifice all in the name of its Lord. It is a heart that honours the promises it made to its Sustainer. A heart determined in its faithfulness, hopeful for the blessings of his Lord, and afraid of His wrath that it may incur on account of its sins. A heart that desires to meet his Lord. A heart full of love for his Prophet. It is a heart that has a zeal for maintaining the honour of His religion. A heart that desires for the Paradise. That is the sort of heart which is required in fact, only such a heart is required as the price for Paradise.
People tend to throw away broken things. But God loves broken hearts the most, to an extent that in exchange for it, he is willing to give the biggest of His blessings for it, and that blessing is the eternal kingship of His Paradise. Alas!!! People nowadays have so much religiosity but what they don’t have is, this broken heart.