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Media and the Display of Women

“The satisfaction of worldly desires through women, and children, and heaped-up treasures of gold and silver, and pedigreed horses, and cattle and lands is attractive to people. All this is the provision of the worldly life; but the most excellent abode is with God. Say, “Shall I tell you of something better than all of these? For the God-fearing, there are Gardens in nearness to their God with rivers flowing through them where they shall live forever with pure spouses and the goodwill of God.” (Quran 3 : 14-15)

Out of the list of worldly temptations which are mentioned in this verse of Quran, the love of women is at the top of the list. Whether anyone else understood it or not, media persons have understood it very well.

In the modern world, electronic media is extraordinarily important. It is a great source of education, information and entertainment. Especially in third world countries where there is no good trend of reading and literacy rate is also low, electronic media is the center of people’s interest. But unfortunately, in present era it has become a source of spreading women’s exposure and nudity.

The reason behind this is that the film and drama producers desire for a large audience. Similarly, those who run TV channels, they try to get the majority of viewers. An easy way to catch the attention of viewer is to bring beautiful ladies on screen by making them more beautiful with the help of light and makeup. Their femininity and gender attractiveness should be highlighted and presented to the people. To make people captive through their pride and style. To increase viewership by displaying their bodies. To attract the attention of viewer through romantic and obscene views. And if need be, the artist should be stripped naked and the art should be ‘served’.

In this age of electronic media, TV and cable are there in every house. All sorts of movies are easily found in the market. The best devices to run these are available in the market at very low prices in the form of VCR, CD player and DVD player. As a result, a large number of people are benefited from electronic media daily. And as we have discussed, the thing media shows is quite often a woman. All this defeats the passion of decency from inside the man. The animalistic emotions overwhelm him. Sense of chastity starts diminishing slowly. Adultery and obscenity seem like a trivial matter to man.

One solution to this situation is to remove TV from the house. Apparently, it is a complete solution. But experience suggests that it is impractical for many and is going to be more impractical in upcoming days because it is now impossible to stop electronic media in the modern era.

The solution to this situation is the one which conscious Muslims living in western countries have adopted for their children. That is, the individual should be trained. Faith and morality should be instilled in him. Exquisite emotions of our own civilization, values, traditions and nature to be promoted. Importance of decency and chastity to be established in the heart and mind. Harms of adultery and its shame should be highlighted. Moreover, a movement should be started to involve the youth in the natural connection of marriage as soon as possible.