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Do Naswar and Cigarette come in the category of intoxication?


The definition of intoxicant is something that inhibits the ability to think and understand. Naswar and cigarette cannot be covered under the definition of intoxicants. These can be called addictions and these days addictions can be of anything. Some people get addicted to pornography, others to TV, social Media, video gaming, talking and so on. These things are not intoxicants and do not inhibit the brain’s activity but they are hard to leave. In the beginning a person enjoys it and then he gets so used to these addictions that the urge is hard to control. Considering the fact that the addictions do not make you lose control of your mind, it is relatively easy to quit addictions rather than intoxicating drugs.

The best way to do that is to find an alternative to these addictions and use will power. It will be difficult in the beginning and one will struggle to do so but after determined attempts within few months or years you will succeed.

As a matter of fact since cigarette and naswar do not intoxicate, hence they are not the subject of religion. If your addictions are affecting the lives of other people around you just like the cigarette smoke is harmful for the people in your company, then it creates a moral and ethical problem. Accountability with our Lord will be on basis of Moral aspects and in order to avoid moral problems one must try to stay away from the root cause of the problem. It is best to quit these addictions and spend a healthy and happy life.