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Sense of Pleasure

There are two types of things found in this world namely living and non-living. All living things are bound by the rules of life and death. Life is their beginning and death is their destiny. Like other living being the Man is not any different in this matter. However, the Man has been bestowed with ‘senses’, which makes him superior to animals.

Amongst these, the sense of pleasure is perhaps the greatest blessing. It is this particular sense that turns sound a melody; that gives food a relishing taste, imparts air a touch and soothing fragrance and makes the world a fascinating spectacle of colourful perfection. Hence, the man makes this sense of pleasure be all and end all of his life; plans, labours and struggles to achieve it; and celebrates upon its accomplishment.

However, a man lives in a world where death complements the life, loss after attainment is inevitable and departure after arrival is a law of nature. There are only two possible ways to lead life in such a world; the one is that upon which every human is living nowadays i.e. finding ways to fulfil the pleasures of this temporary life, finding happiness of the eternal life in this perishable world and dreaming about eternal peace and bliss whilst living under the shadow of death.

The other pathway is that a man treats this world as an examination hall; be grateful for the blessings and patient upon the deprivations; makes the pleasure of Allah his goal in the good and bad times of life; be firm on the best ethical behaviour in all situations. Such are the people who shall be given the everlasting life of the eternal heaven where their sense of pleasure will be soothed with eternal blessings.

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