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Speed Breaker – Khateeb Ahmed

There is a small town that comes in the way while going to my aunt’s village. In that town, the residents
have constructed eleven very high and large speed breakers within 700 meters which give a lot of
trouble to the passersby who use that road for daily commuting. Even if you pass at a speed of 10 miles
per hour, you would be jumping in your seat. Yesterday, I was passing from that village at slightly less
speed, when I saw that breakers have been tempered –few from the sides and few from the middle so
that the bike tyre can easily cross over it. I also identified that particular place of ease and managed to
cross six-speed breakers quite smoothly without any bumps and jumps.

Now if we come towards our prayers then the story of our prayers will not be quite different from the
speed breakers. We perform our five times prayers in a manner of exercise and then become satisfied
that we have fulfilled our obligation. We rush through our prayers five times in a day the way I used to
cross those speed breakers without reducing the speed while cursing them and the people who had
constructed them. Whereas this is a direct consequence of rushing through our prayers that neither our
outer appearance nor our inner self changes; neither do we get spiritual enjoyment nor do we get
physical peace and satisfaction.

If starting from today, we pause and understand what we are saying in our prayers then it is not just the
presumption but the complete belief of this student that, if Allah wills, our prayers will not only lead to
the solution to our problems but all our prevailing problems in daily life.

This prayer will stop us from sins in the true sense. It will enlighten our spiritual heart with the light of
One and Only Almighty Allah and remove all the spiritual illnesses of arrogance, jealousy, prejudice,
hatred, greed, and selfishness. It will purify our spiritual heart the way a mobile device is turned into its
original self when it is the factory reset.