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Strange World

In this world, there are countless dissimilarities among human beings but the main difference is found between a ignorant person and a true believer.  An ignorant person lives in a strange world oblivious of God whereas a true believer lives his life conscious of the creativity and power of God and His remembrance at all times.

If human beings were brought over to live on this Earth after attaining the age of maturity, they would have been absolutely shocked to see the world around them. However, man comes into this world long before he attains maturity and by the time, he attains the capacity and ability to observe and contemplate on the things around him, he grows accustomed to all the bizarre occurrences of this world, and considers them as its norm. This is the reason that he does not find this spectacular world, so spectacular after all.

In this world, if people were to start flying with their bare arms, everyone would be amazed, but in these vast skies, birds fly with their wings open, or closed at times, and nobody finds that unusual. One day, if some Alien creatures landed on this Earth, they would instantly become the headline news worldwide, but every day, millions of children miraculously come into existence out of nothing but no one finds that odd.

People would be fascinated if one day, ready-made furniture used in our homes started hanging from trees, but we find variegated leaves, fragrant flowers with beautiful colors, and delicious fruits on the same trees, but no one finds that surprising. Why does the twinkling of the stars, whispering of the wind and the singing of birds not fascinate any one?

All those people who are not intrigued by these creations of God are living in ignorance. They are unable to appreciate the experience of true faith. Only that person can appreciate the true faith who spends every moment of his life appreciating the creativity of God in this amazing world and utilizing it to enhance his faith.

Translated by Bashir Nazir