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The Blessing of deprivation

There is no bigger torment in the world of humans than deprivation, and there is no bigger blessing than deprivation in the world of the Creator Almighty Allah. This might sound as a joke for the readers but actually this is the biggest reality.

In the world of human beings, nobody likes being deprived. Since in the human world it leads to sadness, suffering, disappointment, disability, poverty and staying at an inferior level from others. However, it’s a reality that deprivation is unavoidable in this world. Every individual goes through this at some stage of his life – whether it is big or small, temporary or permanent, deprivation of self or of others. It is as if life is tied to the tale of deprivation. People can be deprived of money, power, health, protection and safety and many other numerous things, but the truth is that as many things that a person can wish for in this world, as many types of deprivations can be accumulated and counted as well.

Thus deprivation appears to be a source of bad luck for people. However the reality is that if a person wants he can convert this into a great driving force. Actually whatever anyone possesses or attains in this world is due to the numerous blessings and favors of Allah. In this scenario, if a person is deprived of the blissful torrents of this rain then a tremendous door of opportunity is opened for him. This door is the means to gain direct access to Allah SWT. This is the door that leads to proximity and nearness of Allah SWT. This door is otherwise not easily opened through other means like prayers, spending in the way of Allah SWT and attaining martyrdom. This is because every action has to pass through Allah’s accountability process in which intention, purity, and incentives will be scanned and judged. But the deprived person will not go through this scanning process because of his deprivation. His loss and his patience will become a replacement for every sacrifice. It will be a source of means of forgiveness for his sins and he will be bestowed and granted blessings from countless scales of mercy.

Deprivation is the secret to proximity and nearness of Allah SWT. That Almighty Allah in whose hands lies the ownership and possession of the treasures of Heavens and Earth. The person who acquires the knowledge of this secret will find his deprivation turning into greatest comfort and ease.