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The Journey of Worship to Eternity

The sand in hand was slowly slipping from the closed fist. The stronger I close my hand to stop the sand, the faster it was emptying. It was the spectacle of life. In the same way, life is imperceptibly slipping from the hands in the rotation of night and day and in the race of evening and morning. Like an ice cube in an empty glass, liquifies from the heat of life… And eventually its existence changes from being to non being.

I would stand on the shore and watch the waves of the ocean, which raised one after the other and disappear leaving a feeling of humidity on sand. Sometimes I would see the sun which was struggling to save his light in firming and weakening clouds. This light of the sky indulges a sight into a deception of stillness. But in fact, it was also slowly moving towards the destination of the fading night like the slippery sand of life.

The shadows of evening were getting darker. After spending a wonderful day with my loved ones on this beautiful shore of the Arabian Sea, I was calculating what I got.
Some sweet memories, six hours of carelessness, a sense of joy for the ecstatic moments spent with loved ones. The feeling that for these overseas guests, and of course for me too, is a great asset to the future that is coming with a scar of separation. Although it is a great investment, I was saddened that the slippery string of time made this day of my life a page in the book of the past.

God, why happiness is not eternal in this world? Why peace is not everlasting? Why does every meet up get a stain of separation? Days of life …. Why do they get out of the grip of life like grains of sand? The answer was that be like those intellectuals for whom there are great signs in the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the coming and going of night and day. Every question will be answered.

Insight said that the earth seems everlasting and the sky … seems eternal. In the scales of the evening, the weights of time ……….. In the same way, could have been avoided from every rust of change, but the rotation of the day and night has been kept to show that, in this island of mortality, do not look for endless pleasures, infinite desires, and never ending happinesses. Understand the fact that this house of the earth and this roof of sky have been made for you, but do not dream of getting them in this mortal life, captive of the changing day and night. Nothing will come of it except deprivation.

Such a beautiful universe, meaningful life is not so pointless that a few carefree people gather the means of happiness on its edge and when the hours of borrowed life are over, they can go to the next destination like gypsies, never to return.

The Creator has made life for worship and eternal life for those who walk the path of worship. The life in which the silent wind of time cannot disturb a party. In which the movement of day and night cannot deprive from happiness & blessings and put breaks of despair.

Man’s journey is not an ordinary journey. This is the journey of worship that will continue till the attainment of eternity. The beginning of this journey is the world. In which we have to worship. In which we have to work. The end of this journey is the world of the hereafter. In which we have to rule. In which we have to rest. In which not only the earth and the sky will be subdued for man but also the slippery string of time and the moving sand of life will be subjugated for man. The journey of worship will not end with anything but eternity.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer