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Who is a Fool?

“People may think me as a fool but if it is so they are more stupid than me “he
paused for a while after exclaiming this and then resumed speaking; “after
getting insurance policy, it is not necessary that I may be alive to reap its
benefits. It is possible that my income may increase so much that insurance
payment becomes irreverent for me, but every person has to witness the
helplessness of death and distress of the Day of Judgment. I have set my eyes
upon the insurance of that day when insurance of this world will be no use on
that day.” He became silent after this, I have started analyzing then who is the

The background of this conversation was that this person went to deposit
Insurance dues of his relative and on his way back home, he came to visit me.
During the conversation, it revealed that in his spare time he is used to do small
tasks of his friends and relatives. Today he took leave from the office and
instead of lying idle or watching T.V at home, he went to deposit Insurance
dues of his relative. I inquired that if he has also got his own Insurance Policy;
he said, No, I have not got this particular insurance policy. However, the help I
rendered to people in their small tasks is actually my insurance policy. The
Prophet ﷺ said; Allah helps his servants as long as he goes on helping his
fellow beings.

I always try to help others as long as possible and I have observed that Allah
always helps me with my problems. However, I have faith that Allah will give me
my Insurance policy on the Day of Judgment when there will be no shade
except the shade of Allah. On that day, He will help me more than anyone else,
and let me enter Paradise by saving me from the severity of the Day of

Then he uttered the sentence which I have quoted in the beginning. This
conversation has come to an end but has left a question for every wise person
in the world. The question which at present is an idea but is going to become a
reality very soon.