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Alhamdulilah he RabbilAlameen

All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds

The opening sentences of the supplication of an acquaintance are like that: “O Allah! As I have no doubt about the blessing You have showered either upon me or anyone else; similarly I have undoubted Faith that whosoever has got anything is because of Your Benevolence not because of his abilities. I offer my gratitude on every Blessing You have bestowed upon me and offer my praise on every excellence inherent in You”

Undoubtedly these are intuitive utterances and in fact the acceptance of the great reality which exists everywhere in the universe.  This is the complete definition of monotheism. The acceptance of Oneness of Allah is as important as it is to accept Him the originator of every Blessing, excellence and good.  Ignoring the former results in polytheism and the latter results in rejection of God or at least there surface a mentality of ruling Him out.  Mostly people are aware of polytheism (Shirk) but recognition of the latter is not commonplace. That’s the reason the multitudes of people are a prey to it.

The man finds himself among innumerable blessings when he opens his eyes into this world. These blessings are so countless that a man could spend his life in counting but will be unable to do it and passes away. The result of these blessing should be the utterance of abovementioned words but man is very strange and counts only those blessings which he does not have. Presumably the definition of Blessing for him is the things which people are blessed with but does not own by him. . This thinking definitely will result in deeds which cannot be expected from a Monotheist. The adoption of this kind of behavior is undoubtedly a misfortune of the man. Actually the man has so much to lose over things in all situations which renders it immaterial to mourn over the things which he does not get or lose after getting them.

Financial problems for example is a burning issue of modern life, the life has become difficult due to the gap in income and spending. People start complaining in these circumstances, turn bad tempered, start dealing with others rudely especially with the subordinates; they even turned malicious toward the Holder of the Heavens. According to them He has blessed them with nothing; they become indifferent toward Him; turned their back from thankfulness to Him; become careless to His servitude.

In this situation if someone enquires them about “ if the Holder of Heavens confer upon them the treasures of the world and snatches away their sight” will they like to enter into this bargain?  Would they like to ply in cars but with crutches? Would they like to have cheque books of such accounts having deposits of millions of rupees but devoid of hands to affix signature on them?  Would they like to have palaces and properties but their children are snatched away from them? No one would like it; then people should be questioned if they would like to spend such a luxurious life of fifty years where after they have to burn just for fifty thousand years, if not more, which is equal to a day in the Day of Judgment.

If the answer is in negative then these people would be requested not to depreciate the benevolence – don’t consign to oblivion His benevolence Who loves you more than seventy mothers.; who has bestowed upon us luxuriantly without any compulsion and privilege; which no other could either has given us or can give.

In this world a person is considered fortunate if he has been blessed with good children; if one has a good spouse, a good teacher, a good friend, a good boss, a good neighbor, then undoubtedly he/she is considered to be among the lucky ones. The first Ayat  of the Holy Qu’ran that a man is fortunate enough that he has got a benevolent Rabb(Allah, God); it tells us that the man is in a contact with that Being from where he will receive nothing but ‘Good’; He showers this ‘Good’ not because of their qualities but because of His Benevolence.

Understand at least this Ayat (verse) of the Holy Quran in life, if nothing else. This Ayat (verse) only is enough for the guidance. This Ayat (Verse) is enough only for the salvation.

Ref:     Bus Yehi Dil