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Abu Yahya

Abu Yahya

Abu Yahya is a scholar and writer from Pakistan. He has written more than a dozen and a half books which have collectively been published in hundreds of thousands. His most famous book is “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” which is among one of the most read urdu books. Moreover, alongside other books of Abu Yahya, this book has also been published from outside Pakistan in urdu and other language too, leaving aside the illegal printing of the book inside and outside of the country. The book has been translated in many local and foreign languages; among which the English translation of the same book “When Life Begins” spread far and wide in Pakistan and abroad. Both these books are available free in the form of E-Book and are available on internet.

During the writing of “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi”; the author has been graced by Almighty Allah with a child after a long time of his marriage. Following the Arab tradition he adopted the patronym Abu Yahya and published his book under the same name to which Allah Almighty granted the great repute. Prior to this Abu Yahya used to write under his original name Rehan Ahmed Yousufi.

Abu Yahya did his Bachelors (Hons) and Masters in Islamic Studies and Computer Technology with First class First from Karachi whereas he has also completed M.Phil. in Social Sciences. He has completed his PhD in Islamic Studies. His Ph.D thesis was on the topic of ‘Evolution of Dawah Methodology Literature in 20th Century Subcontinent’. Abu Yahya started his religious journey from adolescence with a Barelvi/Sufi background. However candid and rational contemplation along with extensive and wide study made him rise above sectarianism and allegiance to any cult. During his journey of knowledge, he was inspired and quenched his thirst of knowledge from the religious authorities like Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan (scholar from Bareli), Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Syed Abu Ala Madudi, Maulana Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi, Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, Dr. Israr Ahmed, Maulana Waheeduddin Khan and Allama Javed Ahmed Ghamidi. The detailed autobiography of the author has been provided in his book “Teesri Roshni”.

Abu Yahya had been working part time for the spread of Faith before 2002; however thereafter he abandoned the regular employment and has been endeavoring to disseminate the invitation to Faith and morality; besides this he has also been active in reforming the society and preaching them through television programs, newspaper articles, and public gatherings. At the beginning he associated himself with “Danish Sara Pakistan;” then in 2008 as an associate fellow, he worked for Al-mawrid and currently as an honorary fellow; in 2009 in the suburbs of Karachi established a spiritual retreat(Training Center) for the reformation and moral education of the people. In 2013, an institution by the name “Inzaar” was established for the above mentioned purposes. He is also an editor of the monthly magazine bearing the same name that is Inzaar; wherein his articles are published every month. These articles can also be read on his website www.inzaar.pk and www.inzaar.org.

His prominent books besides “Jab Zindagi Shuru Ho Gi” are “Qasm Us Waqt Ki” “Quran Ka Matloob Insaan” “Bus Yehi Dil” “Hadees e Dil” and “Teesri Roshni”. His first book “ Maghrab say Mashraq Tak” was a travelogue describing the journey of Canada, America and Saudi Arabia. His second book was “Urooj o Zawal Ka Qanoon and Pakistan.” Both of these books which were published during the beginning got extraordinary response. Abu Yahya has written over a dozen brief booklets on the topics of reformation.

Abu Yahya has been delivering lecture on the Holy Quran for many years. He has been doing research work on the Holy Quran for the last fifteen years; the purpose of which is to present the universality, rationality and demands of the Holy Quran in an organized manner. His work on Holy Quran by the name ‘Mazameen-e-Quran’ (The Essays in Quran) is under progress in which he is presenting the topics of Quran after reviewing the whole Book.

You may contact him directly via abuyahya267@gmail.com.