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About “Inzaar”

Inzaar is an educational and reformatory institution. Its aim is to strengthen the understanding and importance of faith and good morals and help people succeed in this life and in hereafter. Inzaar aims to develop and inculcate in people qualities like faith, morality, patience, knowledge, research, integrity, rationality, positive thinking, chastity and modesty.

Inzaar is a platform where volunteers contribute their time, energy and money to promote the fundamental message of Islam i.e. preparation for the life after death on the basis of Quran & Sunnah. You can also join this noble mission by providing your practical and financial support to us.

Inzaar’s mission

Eternal success based on character.

Inzaar’s objectives

Using all available means of communication and media, we aim at following :

  • Invitation to the Faith and Morality; promotion of moral values and awareness of the society.
  • Raise awareness among people about the rights and obligation of the Creator and his creation and to make them righteous and beneficial for society.
  • Promote the resolution of  individual and collective issues through forbearance, patience, and rationality instead of emotionalism and superstitions.
  • Inculcate the culture of rationally analyzing the issues in an intellectual and academic manner.

Inzaar’s academic and educational projects

  • An academic study of Dawah (invitation to faith) and its supporting arguments.
  • The education and teaching of Morality, good deeds and self-reformation.
  • The teaching of the Shariah.
  • Training for dealing with difficulties and crisis management (so that one may manage difficult situations at his own).
  • Through the art of self- management, bring a change in an individuals life and teach him better ways to deal with others.
  • The value- based upbringing and education of kids and youth.
  • Special educational programs for women.

We conduct different educational courses to achieve the said purpose; and prepare thought provoking training literature and audio/video material. To join this noble cause please Contact Us: