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Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi

About “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya

  • “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya is a famous Urdu Novel which is read by Millions of readers.
  • It provides a comprehensive sketch of the events and life in the Hereafter in the form of an interesting novel.
  • Its an unforgettable tale and a life-changing book which will strengthen your belief in God and the Hereafter.
  • The book has already changed many lives and has now become a movement in its own right.
  • The book has been translated into English, French, Hindi, Sindhi and many other languages.
  • We hope that your first reading of this book is just as exciting as it was for millions of other readers!

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More About “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi is a novel of its own kind in the history of Urdu literature; the story, the narrative, the pace, the incidents and above all characterization is so powerful in the plot that it never leaves the readers to keep aside the book even for a while. Its a story of the day of judgement, never heard of before in the style of fiction. This unique style makes the book different from others written on the same subject.
The scene is set on the Day of judgment when everyone is worried about his own self and is looking for any means to save himself from the Wrath of Allah or the fire of Hell. “Jub Zindagi shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya picturized the Day of Judgment and its pains and sufferings in a captivating narrative style which moves the readers and incites them to think and change themselves and prepare for that day.
The story reaches its peak with the accountability By Allah Almighty and the righteous and pious humans reaching the Hauz e Kausar. The story culminates at the pure ones passing through the Arsh e Elahi and reaching the ultimate destination i.e Jannah and the beginning of a new life that will last forever.