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Wohi Rahguzar

About “Wohi Rahguzar”

The travelogue of Australia and Thailand titled “Wohi Rahguzar “is here. Allah has bestowed this humble being with an ever pondering mind and analytical skills which goes on inferring from the nature. If Allah endow a person with the right vision, he thinks of every place as it belongs to the Almighty and he finds much to learn everywhere. The reader will find the same process in action in the present travelogue of Thailand and Australia.

Besides narration of a journey, this travelogue is a collection of thoughts & ideas . In the light of these thoughts & ideas, the reader will discover such realities in this travelogue which are not easy to unearth while at home. This guiding light in the form of “Wohi Rahguzar” is dedicated to those who believe life is a journey and the life hereafter is its destination.

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