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Financial Assistance

Please join hands with Inzaar in spreading the message of Almighty Allah – faith & morality (ایمان و اخلاق) , personality development (تعمیرِ شخصیت) and the success in life hereafter (فلاحِ آخرت).

You can support us financially, please contact the numbers or email addresses given below:

If you want to donate through Paypal or Debit / Credit Card, please click on the link below:

After payment of donations, please contact the same number or email addresses for issuance of receipts

Join Our Team

You can be part of the team and Voluntary assist us in Dawah Activities, by providing your valuable time and skills in following areas:-

  • Providing regular feedback about your experience of the website and our social media pages.
  • Spread our message on your social media pages.
  • If you have IT / internet skills you can join our web / social media team.
  • If you are good at graphics and video creation / editing, you may assist us in creating graphics / video content.
  • Translations, Transcriptions and Subtitling of Text, Audio and Video files.
  • Physical distribution of our magazines and books to family / friends etc.

To join the team please contact globalinzaar@gmail.com