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Bad Eggs

When people normally go to buy groceries, they try and wish that any shopkeeper does not give them rotten and stale things. However, egg is the probably the only thing found in shops whose deterioration cannot be judged by looking at its appearance. We find this out by breaking its shell after taking it home. Only then we can know that the egg white and yolk are in good condition or bad.

The matter of today’s man is somewhat alike the egg. Whosoever we talk with, nowadays, has an egg-like covering through his talks and apparent things. Good natured, characterful, man of principles, annoyed from social ills and worried due to moral decay. But when you deal, you realize that majority of the people are like bad eggs. People are proven good eggs until things are going according to their interest and desires. But as soon as their covering of ego is hit, settlement of their interest shatters, palace of their desires starts demolishing, flag of their prejudices starts lowering, then white covering of bad egg breaks and nothing comes out of them except dirt and stench.

People promise but do not keep. They speak but do not say truths. They criticize but do not consider justice. People commit these all and then claim knowledge and purity. They proclaim to be righteous. They sing songs of their chastity. But actually, they are bad eggs. They are ending the good traditions of society. These people should never be judged by their words but their picture must be seen in the mirror of action.

Translated by Muzammil Nazeer