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Father, God and Man

A cold gust of wind lashed at my body. Although, some time remained until the Sun was due to set, this blazing lamp still high above at an altitude of ninety two million miles, had prematurely surrendered to the lengthening shadows of the evening. As soon as the evening arrived, the towering mountain peaks, which paid homage to the brilliance of this radiant torch all day long, now engulfed its light in anticipation, like an obedient servant. The deep shadows further increased the evening chill. In addition, the cold gust of wind! I involuntarily, wrapped my warm coat even more tightly around my body, held within the folds of the tight embrace of my hands.

The next moment, I suddenly felt concern for my son who was lying well covered in his stroller, but this gust compelled me to take off my warm coat and completely cover his stroller with it. Without suitable clothing, I was now all alone to combat the cold blasts. The chill started to seep into my body but then, the warmth of another thought took hold of me. I lifted my head and looked skyward towards the one whose greatness cannot be diminished by any soaring structure; whose shining light cannot be dimmed by any darkness. Spontaneously I uttered the words: “If the love of a father is such, then what would be the love of God like!”

The followers of Jesus made a monumental oversight when they employed the term ‘father’ to describe God’s love. The limited, human love felt by parents is insignificant when compared to the Divine love, mercy and blessings of God for his servants. However, these servants… they have little to offer Him in return, and they are unwilling to offer even what they can. The recompense for Divine love is love, the recompense for blessings is gratitude and the recompense for God’s mercy is remembrance of God. Alas! Only a few people live their lives enveloped in love, gratitude and remembrance of God.

Today’s human being is exploiting the blessings of God more than ever before yet, he ignores Him more than ever before. How exalted is God Almighty and how small is today’s human being!


Translated by Bashir Nazir