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Food For The Soul

Amazing! Our whole nation happens to be extremely kind and compassionate. Our people yearn over the call of a deprived soul, be it on individual or communal level. They will leap up to assist the helpless and flare upon injustice. They will even give food off their plates to feed the hungry, whether it is a human or an animal. This nation can feel everyone’s pain; hear everyone’s groans, Alas! Except their own soul’s.

Our soul requires nourishment too. It is hungry, homeless, uncovered, barren, hopeless and sobbing miserably. Oh fellow Muslims! Is there anyone to listen what atrocities it is enduring day and night? You yearn over the cruelty on Afia Siddiqui and abuse the government for selling nation’s pride; however, you make uncountable deals of your own soul’s chastity day and night!

It is quite easy to speak in greatness of Abdul Sattar Edhi that he used to give bathe and burial to the decomposed bodies of people found in soiled drains. He used to adopt illegitimate and helpless children from the streets and make them respected and valuable human beings. On the contrary, can we not take out our own rotten and stinking soul lying in muddy and filthy associations and give the emaciated, helpless and half-dead soul a bathe of repentance, fragrance of better companionship, oxygen of worship, tonic of remembrance and vaccination of God’s consciousness?

Are we not those who give all the money in our pockets to unknown and helpless poor people for treatment without even counting? Oh fellow Muslims! Give some donation in the name of God to the poor, sick, hungry and helpless soul too and make arrangements to provide thatched roof and shed for it as well. God bless you all!

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