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How to remain humble while doing good deeds

The best way to deal with the problem of boasting and bragging about a good deed is to remind oneself of the fact that whatever good deed has been done, was due to the blessing, ease and opportunity provided by none other than Allah SWT alone. If an opportunity was given to us by Allah SWT, then the praise belongs to Him alone. For example, if we are spending money to fulfill someone’s needs then we must remember the Ayah of the Quran saying
وَمِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ يُنفِقُونَ meaning “and spend out of what “We” have provided for them,”. This Ayah clearly says that whatever someone spends belongs to and is given by Allah SWT alone; hence, people only play a role of intermediary to deliver to the deserving. Similarly, if we have done an act of worship, we should remember that all opportunities were provided to us from Him alone to worship Him. The fact that we are alive is His mercy, the time we spend worshiping Him is granted by Him, the health we enjoy and utilize to prostrate in front of Him is bestowed by Him, the hands we raise to make prayer, the feet we stand upon, all these and countless other blessings have been conferred upon us from Him SWT. Worshiping Him SWT employing these assets is not a favor to the Almighty but merely fulfillment of our duty and obligation towards Him SWT and His right upon us. We are just using our conscious effort here. The best part is that when the right is delivered by fulfilling our duties, it makes us eligible in the eyes of the Most Merciful for a reward. If we change our approach/perspective and start thinking like that, we won’t get a feeling of haughtiness.

Another thing should be kept in mind that along with doing good deeds, we have weaknesses as well. We do have flaws in our personality and we do commit sins as well. If we get seized by Allah SWT on the day of judgment as a result of even a single mistake, the reality is we won’t be able to bear the accountability and face Him SWT. We do not at all possess the capacity to deal with His wrath. More than sufficient for us should be forgiveness of Allah SWT from our sins and nothing more than that.

The realization of this fact and feeling will not let us become arrogant and lifeless inside. The reality is that Allah SWT accepts and appreciates this kind of humbleness, humility and realistic approach from His servants which gives them a higher status in the eyes of Allah. Lastly and most importantly, we should remember the prayer of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) that “O my Allah! Keep me contempt and worthless in my own sight and elevated in your sight”. This kind of a standing when we consider ourselves worthless, down to earth, humble and submissive in our own eyes indeed will elevate our status in sight of our Master.