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Identification of a Believer

Mr. Saif Ullah is one of our close friends. He has been associated with our organization for a long time. The nature of his job is such that he gets the opportunity to travel around the world. Apart from these opportunities, Almighty Allah has blessed him with an enthusiastic supplicant personality. So, wherever he goes, he takes our books and magazines together and spreads our message all around the world. Some days ago, when I called Mr. Saif Ullah, he told me that he was reading one of the articles of our magazine to their children. Whenever he likes any article, he necessarily communicates it to his children.

Although Mr. Saif Ullah is important to me because my write ups have spread worldwide because of him, but I liked it much more that he communicates good things to his children, no matter he has to read it to them. This is important not only because our family members are our responsibility but also because the reading trend has diminished in new generations. They are not even ready to read corrupt things, rest aside the good ones. In such scenario, parents from the previous generations should take it as a responsibility to create interest of reading in new generations. If they do not read, good material should be read to them.

A true believer tries to spread the truth, immediately after understanding it. He certainly does not force himself on others. He does not try to talk to them all the time. He does not interfere with their activities and interests. He does not preach in the public every now and then. But he never misses an opportunity to speak too. He stays alert to wisely communicate his message to others. This is the identification of a true believer.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer