Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

May it not be

This is not an ancient barbaric society but a Muslim Pakistan wherein a polio crippled woman is being kidnapped, gang raped for 10 days during hostage and then abandoned on the road.

This is not a non-Muslim country but Islamic Republic of Pakistan wherein an innocent girl far from femininity is kidnapped, raped and then disposed of in a sewer after killing her.

Such news quivers a sensitive mind and he satisfies himself by demanding a capital punishment for the culprits. However people don’t realize that these blemishes in the face of society are a result of that lewdness which media is projecting in the society in form of nudity and obscenity. The plays and movies aired nowadays have no taste for people except lust and violence; some delimits this taste to their minds, some to their eyes and for some unfortunate ones it turns into that sensuality where homo sapiens cease to be human and transmutes into a wild beast.

This savagery will go on multiplying until we will go on swapping T.V channels in our bedrooms; will go on sullying ourselves in the name of entertainment; we will definitely beg pardon after reading such news in the newspaper but the murky corners of our unconscious and immodest eyes will ever remain lustful.

We cannot clean the filth rampant in the society but can definitely save ourselves. We cannot wipe out these savages from the society but can bridal the wild beast inside us.

Let’s steer our emotions from protest to practicality. Leaving aside the impossible lets strive for the possible; because sooner or later we are going to meet such a Being who not only knows the treachery of eyes but also the hidden thoughts in our bosoms. May it not the same punishment we want to inflict upon others be meted out to us.


Ref page 61-62

Bus Yehi dil