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How is it possible to take control of our personality?


Having complete control of our personality is extremely difficult. There are a lot of contributing external as well as internal factors and circumstances that make it difficult. Even our own mood keeps changing off and on. Therefore if we try to take total control of our personality without a sound set of principles, it would be next to impossible. The only way to achieve this goal is that a person makes up his mind about certain things and develops guidelines accordingly. He needs to live a life of principles and values.

The Holy Quran provides us with sets of values and principles. The Holy Quran aims at achieving certain attributes in a person. One of the fundamental attributes is Justice for example. If we have decided to develop the quality of justice in ourselves, then we will act justly even to a person who is being unjust with us. Another such example could be controlling our anger. If we have decided that we are going to control our anger no matter what, then we will control it in front of everyone without discriminating individuals. Let’s take one last example of Ehsaan. When we give people more than what they deserve, this is Ehsaan. A Person having an attribute of doing ehsaan will continue to do it with all individuals regardless of others’ behavior towards them.

The values and principles taught by Allah SWT are building blocks of a sound personality. If we are leading a value based life, only then it is possible to take control of our personality and to remain on the driving seat.