Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

So then, Let us assume…

Let us assume that tonight you have to go on a wedding with your wife. Both of you go to the bank and take out all the jewelry from it and bring it home, so that the wife can wear it to the wedding. Throughout the way you are afraid of some thief or highway robbers and remain on guard against them. Similar sense of worry and anxiety prevails during the entire time period while both of you attend the wedding and return home but nothing happens. Therefore both of you sleep peacefully and completely at ease. On waking up in the morning you realize that the robbers silently invaded your home during the night and stole all the jewelry. You repeatedly visit the police station and implore that you have been robbed of your entire life’s investment but it all goes in vain.

Let us assume that you are the father of a young boy and you have high expectations from him. Your child goes to his college regularly and is studying with a lot of effort. You are also happy and satisfied. One day you find out that on his way back from the college he has been hit by a bus. The rug is pulled from under your feet. You are shocked and in a state of utter despair you reach the hospital from your office. You look at your wife with disbelief as she is sitting and crying desperately outside the operation theater. The doctors inform you that they are doing their best to save the life of your child. You beg and beg the doctors to save the life of your child.

Suppose that you have not been feeling well since last few days. However it is not to such an extent that you have to stay home after taking leaves from work but you still do not feel normal and healthy so you consult your family doctor. He prescribes some tests and medicines. You take the medicine and feel better but on the safe side as a precautionary measure you decide to have the tests as well. When the reports come you find out that you have been diagnosed with life threatening disease of cancer. All hell breaks loose in your household. Then the treatment is started. After spending millions and undergoing unbearable pain, you are still forced to lie on the hospital bed while death is knocking at your doorstep and treading with silent footsteps. Your children are suffering. Your wife is faced with gloom. Your entire world has collapsed around you.

Relax! These are just mere assumptions. Nothing of this sort has actually happened. Your jewelry is safely enclosed in the bank locker. Your child goes to school daily and returns home safe and sound. You had a minor health ailment but it was resolved quickly with the right medicine. There can be a thousand assumptions like this in this world. However none of this happens actually in reality. You do not have to beg and implore in front of anyone. Your wife does not weep with desperation. Your children do not suffer. Your wealth and capital is safe. Your respect is safeguarded. You are in sound health.

Now Let us suppose again for a few moments that all this has happened! Your wealth is stolen. Your young daughter is facing slander. Your child is in the operation theatre. You are lying in hospital in a state of helplessness and despair while awaiting your death. Just imagine these moments of torment. Think of all those places you have to run to and all the people you have to plead. Then imagine the existence of that Being who is surrounding you from all four sides like a protective castle.

HE does not ask any favors from you but still you should kneel with a sense of acknowledgement at HIS feet that he has saved your wealth. HE does not want any praises for HIS favors. However you should be the one to praise HIM with tearful flowing eyes and trembling lips that your children are safe. He is quietly looking and still disregarding your every sin that you commit. HE is not taking away HIS protection or blessings or your life. They are all intact. You should also aim for never displeasing HIM again.

There is still time left. HE who did not let you bow in front of anyone, you bow in front of HIM. Cry in front of the ONE who protected you from facing despair in front of others. Become the slave of that being WHO saved you from becoming a slave of others.