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Social Evils and Our Behavior

I have got chance to participate in both live and recorded TV programs. In contrary to live shows, I have never seen a recorded program starting on its scheduled time. I had to face great miff especially for the first time when I didn’t have any idea about this issue. When I reached the studio on time, I came to know that program’s producer, director, anchor and technical crew all are absent. Program’s producer apologized afterwards saying that all of our guests arrive two hours later than the appointed time. As you unfortunately reached on time, that’s why you faced inconvenience.

Whatever the producer said, wasn’t wrong. It’s a common practice of our society that one, who follows the given time for gatherings and social meet ups becomes a fool. For instance, have a look at some wedding invitation card. It will be written that the function will start at 9:00 o’clock but you will find no sign of hosts till 10:00, guests till 11:00, and Nikkah till 12:00. We have the same behavior in individual matters too. We decide a particular time of meeting and then delaying an hour or half without a valid excuse is not a big deal for us. We commit to do a piece of work on some agreed time but never think it necessary to fulfill that commitment.

Our attitude is indeed the clear indication of our moral deterioration. Reason for this decline is that whenever we talk about reformation, we intend it for others. We never try to reform our own selves. Moreover, we are ready to present tens of excuses for our bad deeds. For example, sometime ago I wrote an essay on a social issue of “on not making a queue”. In that, it was stated with respect to prayer that people who offer congregated prayer in a disciplined way should be keener to fall in line. In contradiction to this the West has proved more conscience in this respect. A man commented on this essay that it is a Jewish way to make a queue. This comment reflects that negative thinking which has been ingrained in the psyche of a common man of our society. This thinking forces us to reserve an excuse for our misdeeds; no matter how absurd that excuse may be. This is that thinking which wipes out the sense of good and bad in the first step and then transforms the good into bad and evil into good:

How disappointing! The caravan’s wealth has gone

The feeling of loss from caravan’s heart has gone

However, even the people who consider evil as evil do not muster up the courage to abstain from becoming a part of this evil and be the pioneers of reformation. Although, if some people show audacity and step forward, it will set a good example for others. Consequently, more people will come forward because a common man follows practical examples not sheer words.

As every noble man is irritated of the delay in wedding events but no one tries to step forward and amend the issue rather steps back presenting some pointless excuse. However, a close friend of mine has set a very good example in this regard. He has set an example of punctuality in his children’s wedding and has served at the time as given in the card. I asked him that it’s OK with the guests but how do you deal with In-Laws. He replied that if they arrive late then I will wait and eat with them but I will never create inconvenience for people by violating the scheduled time. This is an example which tells that if a man shows determination and musters up courage for reformation, everything is possible then. This is that courage which if shown by some people for once the virtue will start flourishing in the society.

Another problem with us is that we do not correlate morality with religion. Rather, as mentioned above, we consider it as an innovation of Jews or Christians. Religion which gives the greatest valor to face society and difficulties is taken as an amalgam of meaningless traditions and spiritless worships. Although the whole teachings of our religion are either related to moral values or its consequences appear in the moral world.  Just consider this issue of punctuality; punctuality is another name of fulfilling the commitment. Mark the religious teachings in this regard.

Allah says:

“Keep your promises; you will be called to account for every promise which you have made.” (17:34)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺsaid:

“Who do not abide by the commitments, has no religion.” (Masnad Ahmed)

These injunctions of the Quran and Hadith tell us that a true believer proves to be a supreme human being in the moral world too. If someone’s behavior is not suitable in the moral world then he should know that he has no religion.