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Take the Message of Heart & Sight With Care

Media progress has revolutionized the present age. This revolution can neither be halted nor is there a need to stop it. The desired thing is to struggle in this age of media to keep save the closet of the heart from the filth which accesses the inside of the man through the eyes.

The incursion made by the musical harmony and color combination relayed from the computer and TV screens into the heart and soul is stunningly impressive. Before a person could realize what is happening with him; it has become too late. The seeker of pleasure and gratification loses the purity of his soul while wandering aimlessly in the valleys of dish, cable, TV, and internet; without knowing what kind of invaluable treasure he has lost. Eyesight in humans is a door to the heart; every entrant becomes a guest to the heart through this opening. If this door is let opened for all and sundry; nonetheless the eyes will remain bright, the man will lose the luminosity of the pure heart. Isa (A.S) had said two thousand years ago due to the extraordinary importance of the sight:

“You have heard, it has been said that don’t indulge in adultery; but I say, whoever cast a glance towards a woman with an evil intention, has consummated adultery in his heart.” (Matthews, chapter 5, verse 72,82)

The followers of Isa (A.S) have provided such resources for the defilement of the eyes thereafter it has become difficult to reach the destination while saving the heart and soul. Salvation lies only for those who keep guard on their eyes with the weapon of fear of God. Those who will not follow this path are like that spinster who unmindful of the times, set out to visit the hustle and bustle of the city and when came back home late at night, has lost her most precious jewel – her chastity.

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