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Qualities to look for in spouse

What qualities should be considered while choosing a spouse?


Choosing a total stranger for wedding is very unlikely. In wedding matters usually we consider people that we already know or there is some mediator in between who knows both parties. Since humans are social animals, people are usually aware of other people living in their surroundings. Therefore, the reputation of a person is not hidden. Someone being a complete pretender and deceiver is very rare.

While choosing a partner we should try to find about the reputation of a person. How religious or morally sound a person is can be easily investigated. Rest is the fate and the decisions of Allah SWT. Possibilities of getting to know each other completely before marriage is not practical on our society but overall repute could be well established. We must also consider the basic things like financial status and health conditions because they have primary importance in the establishment of marriage. Leave the rest in hands of Allah SWT and never stop praying to The Most Kind and Merciful.