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Aishwarya Rai

Recently, a video came across in which a woman was interviewed. This woman was Kanwal Cheema, who returned to Pakistan after working for several years in the well-known networking company Cisco. While living in Pakistan, she is working to transform social work to the needs of the modern era with her professional background.
I heard a couple of other things from her that showed that God and religion were deeply rooted within her. However, at the same time, I realized that what made her popular on social media was not her work, but her resemblance to Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai. If it wasn’t for this thing, people might not be aware of the services and ideas of a worthy woman.

Meanwhile, I had another experience. I went to Sri Lanka and Turkey to shoot my upcoming documentary. These two countries had suffered more severe economic crisis than Pakistan. I started searching to understand the causes of this economic crisis and found that all the analyses in this regard are from Western experts or Indian experts. People of Pakistan are not interested in anything except politics and entertainment.

The fact is that the real problem of Pakistan is not politicians or their corruption, the real problem is that we are interested in the looks and appearance of a capable woman instead of her potential. We are more interested in Aishwarya Rai, not in Indian experts who are comparing their successful economic policy with Turkey and telling their people how they should avoid making the same mistakes as Turkey. A nation which is in this state, does not need any politician to destroy it.