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Beyond Salvation

It’s human nature that a man always remains grateful to the person who has favored him. From thanking him to favoring him, he tries his level best to serve him in whatever way possible. On one hand is this human nature and on the other hand is this universe. Each and every particle on this universe witnesses that there is someone who has subdued this universe for humans. He has made all arrangements in this universe for mankind even prior to asking for them.

When a person is thirsty he finds water to quench his thirst. When a person is hungry; he finds delicious and nourishing food to devour his hunger. In order to nurture his aesthetic sense, person finds a world equipped with color, fragrance, harmony and sound. Apart from this and several other blessings of Allah which makes man thankful, there is another way present in this world for expressing his gratitude towards Allah to attain complete satisfaction and that is, that a person shall serve his creator who bestowed him with life, health, happiness and world with ease and amplitude blessings.

Usually people are called towards servility by enlightening fear of Allah in them, but in reality servility of Allah is a natural need of mankind which fills our lives with peace and tranquility. Servility is no doubt the condition of salvation but the forgetful and rebel will not find forgiveness from God. Servility is not paying something to God but it’s the spirit of thankfulness present within us which leads to our satisfaction; however, the condition is that the person should consider every blessing as Allah’s grace. He should remember whatever he possesses; it is only God’s favor upon him. Knowing this reality, he should emphasize on working to express his gratitude towards Almighty God beyond salvation who has bestowed him everything without any demand and who will bestow far more in the world hereafter.

Salvation is no doubt a human need but servility filled with love and devotion is a far bigger human need. Fortunate are those who receive this grace and mercy.

Translated by Amna Israr & Shahbaz Saleem