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Doubt and delusion

I was walking in the park when I suddenly felt someone running alongside me. I ignored but the sound kept coming. When I increased the speed, it seemed that he has also increased his speed. After a while I slowed down and felt that he too had started running slowly. Now I began to think that he is a strange man; either go forward or stay behind; why is he running along with me? I stopped suddenly, so it felt like he had stopped too. When I turned around and looked at the jogging track, there was no one around. After standing for a while, I realized that I had car keys in my pocket which were jingling as I ran away.

Most of our lives are filled with this kind of delusion and doubt when we think that someone is following us. Sometimes we feel that a relative of ours is wearing nice clothes to tease us; sometimes we feel like a mother-in-law or daughter-in-law has broken the pot to annoy us; sometimes we feel like a friend has deliberately not received our call; sometimes it seems that an office colleague made this joke due to conspiracy and sometimes it seems that one of our colleagues talked loudly to humiliate us.

Remember, 90% of these doubts are just illusions and they echo like the keys of whispers which are kept in the pockets of our brain. We are deceived by the voices of our own existence and begin to understand that someone is following us. Whenever you feel like it, ignore these voices, move on and don’t believe until you see the pursuer with the eye of belief, not delusion. And if we don’t do this, we’ll be exhausted to defeat a fictitious enemy that doesn’t exist.