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Empty hands

Raising one’s hand while praying to Allah Almighty is an expression of intense desire and people pray like this under normal circumstances. But usually people do it without thinking. However, if a person rises above ritual and spreads his hands before God with full consciousness and feeling, then this is the most effective way to invoke the pride of God Almighty. It is like a beggar’s outstretched arm who is convinced that the giver will not return the hands empty. It is far from a generous like God to return a beggar empty-handed.

This is God’s being, but on the other hand, if a person looks carefully at his raised hands before praying, he will know that even his empty hands are one of the greatest blessings in this world that he already has been given. If a person’s hands are cut off, then a person becomes a moving living corpse. He cannot eat, drink, or do anything else.

These hands are just one of the countless blessings that have already been given to human beings. Organs, health & strength, relationships, life and well-being – there is a world of blessings in which we live. But at the time of raising our hands in prayer and asking God, we do not utter a word of gratitude. The fact is that if we look carefully at the raised hands, look at each finger and knuckle, look at the world of blessings and rewards bestowed on ourselves and around us in every way, we will forget to ask. Our existence will be full of gratitude. Our tongue will be full of praise.

We have to ask God. We have to spread our hands in front of Him. But learn to be a little thankful before we ask. If not for something else, learn for the fact that thanksgiving increases blessings.