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Eternal Happiness

Wahaj and I had left our family members far behind while strolling together. As far as the eye could wander, the sea was stretching limitlessly before us. Wahaj questioned me that will there be no limits to the blessings in Paradise? Maybe the vastness of the ocean had raised this question in his mind. “Will, we not get bored over there?”

I paused for an instant; then inquired from him. Tell me how long people have been telling stories to each other. Did they get bored with them? These tales and stories have now taken the shape of novels, then dramas, and now movies. Did people get bored with them?

Man has been singing for such a long time. The listeners of these songs are continuously listening to them. Each day a new tune, a new song comes into play but a man never gets bored. He awaits new creations eagerly. This is what will happen in Paradise as well.

This episode was long over. But yesterday while reading from the Quran I reached that point where there is the first mention of Paradise, I got the supportive evidence of what I had stated earlier. In a mention about Paradise, the most significant aspect is that whenever the residents of Paradise will be given some fruit as their sustenance they will promptly remark that we have already been given this before.
However, the Quran mentions that despite the fact that they will find this fruit similar to the ones they had before, but in reality, this fruit will be a completely different one. This uniqueness of bounties and blessings will make Paradise a pleasant abode for eternity.

Man does not like monotony. A person wishes for blessings and bounties. But as soon as he attains a blessing then after some temporary pleasure, he again becomes a victim of boredom. Then again he starts to become engaged in the perusal of something new. But in this world, the limits of energy, health, money, time, and life itself comes in the way as a hurdle for him. Paradise is the only place where there will be no boundaries or limits. And God will display His entire creative power every instant to introduce a man to a new blessing and pleasure. This is the secret to the eternal happiness of Paradise.