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Genghis Khan’s leg

Genghis Khan (1158-1227) began his life as a tribal chief of Mongolia and then founded an empire that became the largest empire in human history. He was a very successful general whose trained army defeated almost every empire in Europe and Asia. Along with this he was an extremely ruthless conqueror who wrote a story of massacre, rape and destruction in the conquered territories which has no precedent in human history. This ruthless ruler who wreaked havoc on the world of his time fell from a horse while hunting at the age of 67 and broke his leg. Wealth from all over the world could not heal his leg and this affliction eventually led to his death.

On the contrary, in the present age, every day tens of millions of people in the world break their legs, arms and other bones and doctors restore them to normal life through surgery. It is an example that shows the easiness and conveniences of modern man that even the greatest kings of antiquity did not have. Extremely fast and comfortable rides, lightning that illuminates the night like the day, modern systems of communication and incredible advances in medical treatment are just a few examples.

The fact is that the blessings bestowed on people born in modern times are so great that even the ancients could not have imagined them. If this feeling of God’s bounties is created in a person, then he will live a life of complete gratitude. No word of complaint or ingratitude will ever come out of his mouth.