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The Heart

Few days ago I had the opportunity to attend a function which happened to be in five star hotel.  The ambiance of the hall in which the function was arranged was quite fascinating. It had a big spacious hall, beautiful chandleries, carpets, cool breeze, curtains and along that an arrangement of extravagant dinner.

While sitting in the function I was contemplating on the fact that these type of functions must be very common around the world, but no one can attend such functions unless they are invited to it. There is a cost associated to be part of such functions which only renowned, skillful and wealthy people can pay. All this is out of reach of an ordinary person who usually stays out of these functions all the life.

It came to my mind that when God will make His Paradise, definitely it will be more beautiful than the worldly glad tidings.  One of the greatest aspects of this Paradise is that, one does not have to be influential, rich, skillful or famous in order to enter in it. There will no cost to attain the joys of Paradise’s beautiful valley, splendor functions, infinite glad tidings, but a broken heart, a heart which is razed in to pieces with Lord’s gratitude. This will be the only price one has to pay to enter the Paradise.

A heart which has sincerity, true love for his sustainer, passion for obedience, a wish to sacrifice life on his Lore’s name, regard for fulfilling promises, determination of faithfulness, hopeful of his Lord’s blessings, fear of being caught, a desire to meet his Lord, love for his Prophet, sense of honor for his religion and desire for paradise; this is the heart which is required.

People tend to throw away broken things. But God loves broken hearts the most, to an extent that in exchange of it, he is willing to give his biggest glad tiding i.e. endless kingship of his Paradise. Alas!!! People now a days have all the aspects of religion but what they don’t have is this broken heart.


Translated by Shahbaz Saleem