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How to seek forgiveness and how to forgive

How to apologize? And how to react to the apology? What is the right way to apologize once we have offended someone. If someone is asking for forgiveness, how the person
being offended should react?


First of all, the extent of the offence needs to be determined. If someone has abused or hurt
the feelings of another person verbally, he needs to feel sorry and truly apologize with
words. This apology needs to come straight from the heart with a firm determination that
this kind of verbal abuse won’t be repeated. However, if the person has deprived someone
of his wealth, money or worldly riches, he also needs to compensate and payback whatever
was stolen in terms of money, etc.

As far as the reaction of the person being offended is concerned, he will be granted higher
ranks and rewards by Allah SWT if he forgives and accepts the apology. For that he needs to
cleanse his heart from all sorts of negativity, anger and hatred. Once he accepts the apology
with a pure heart, it is totally up to him if he wants to continue the relationship or not. If he
does keep the connection, it’s very well appreciated and it would be a good deed. If he
wants to go a step ahead and show kindness to the offender, it will be an additional gain for
him for sure.