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Invisible eyes see – Humayun Mujahid Tarar

The house at the corner of the street, has installed a CCTV camera. It is a small security guard, covering whole street scene. It is very important that anyone who enters the street can be monitored, who, when, why, from where, in which manner, for how long, came here, stopped, and when, from which side, in which condition gone out….?

However, I have a strange case. Although we are old here, and the people of that particular house with the camera (very nice and decent people) know us very well, but the presence of the camera is sometimes disturbing: when I have a Tasbih (beads used in praying) in my hand, the thought comes that the eye hidden behind the camera should not think that I am showing off as being pious. This feeling hurts on the way to the mosque…. Then, if for some reason I have to stand on that corner for a few minutes, my heart wonders what the eye would understand… I get a little restless, and quickly leave. If we observe, the “two eyes with the invisible camera” are doing the same thing. And such restlessness and anxiety is suited only for them.

Unseen God has created paradises full of enchanting scenes and conveniences in return for such a simple act of feeling, anxiety, fear, and love. Every thought, intention, and deed of ours either adds to the beauty of these planets, or makes them horrible. A blessed hadith is surprising. It states, “there, the people of Paradise will look at those above them and say with regret, “we wish we had not been lazy in such and such prayers, we would not have given up such and such prayers.” Look, this is the justice!… A person gets up from the bed, in the dark, thinking of the unseen eyes of God without seeing Him. He performs ablutions and prostrates before Him and pray “Our Lord, do not punish us if we forget or err”, before an unseen God! How happy God would be, how much!… Or from a shopkeeper who is reluctant to give an expired item to an illiterate, ignorant customer because, without seeing, God’s invisible eyes see.

Confessing the presence of God and His greatness with confession of the tongue and affirmation with the heart while living, is the ticket to the fact that you cannot be the fuel of hell. There is a hadith. Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) has made it very clear that whoever recites the Kalimah (the declaration of oneness of God) with sincerity, then dies in this faith, is saved from Hell. However, the debt is not forgiven even to a martyr. If it is not paid in this world, good deeds will be received in return, and giving good deeds on that day will be very difficult. Why? There are many long duration barriers, spreading several years, to stepping into paradise. It’s difficult! …. For a person, whose matters are in order in this world, has also an easy entrance to the Paradise. Otherwise, there are crooked paths based on the hardships of hunger and thirst.

By giving us the deceptive power to use our will, silent but very powerful God’s invisible eyes see us. Sometimes with pleasure and sometimes with anger. Life goes on like an audiocassette reel. Above the six-foot grave, the winds whisper: Where is that wealth, pride and pomp, beauty and those all your vanities?

Invisible eyes see. To rise in the realm of unseen God, to be anxious, to be active for any good deed, that’s great, sir. Big deal!