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Man and Difficulties

A medical expert once said, “Man falls sick less often from things he eats and more often from things that are eating him up”. This is a very beautiful way of expressing the fact that difficulties, worries, grief and pain are all harmful for human health. Almost all medical experts believe that high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach diseases and even dental problems are related to anxiety and difficulties.

Islamic teachings show us an excellent and easy method to deal with such problems, in the form of being steadfast and having trust in God. Most worries in our lives are of two types. The first type is due to remembering incidents that occurred in the past and grieving about them; the second is due to uncertainty about future. Trust in God means that a man should accept whatever tragedies occurred in the past, were the decision and will of his Almighty God. He should hope that God will give him the best reward in exchange of all his difficulties both in this world and the hereafter. This attitude makes a man realistic after which he stops grieving about the past and starts to live with the hope of reward which his future holds from him. Moreover, trusting in God implies that one should make all the necessary efforts to ease his difficulties and then leave the rest to God. He should not fear about what future holds for him and hope that God will free him from all problems; this way his fears will never adopt an unrealistic picture. This attitude is a high level of worship and it also removes all sorts of worries and uncertainties.

It is a fact that patience and trust in God saves us from most of our problems not only in this world but also in the hereafter. A person with such traits gets rewarded by his Lord in the hereafter and gets protected from sorrow and worries and, as a result safeguards himself from disease.

Translated by Shahbaz & Amna