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Message of the Falling Rain

“These raindrops are heavens’ debt to the earth”, continuous downpour from the lofty skies to humble depths of the earth aroused a thought in me. In no time earth will pay off this debt in the form of trees, sprouting from the depths of the earth and growing while fixing their eyes on the skies.
Then I pondered over the ‘debt’ which had already been paid off. A thought flashed my mind while looking at these charming trees, ‘rain helps vegetation grow but can’t change their nature; fruit bearing trees will always produce fruit and thorns will come out of thorny trees. So rain help produce whatever is in the seed; the seed is a thorn or a flower.”

Same is the case with the invitation to belief and morality. It falls on human beings like a rain. Some beings are like barren land. They are desert before the rain and remain barren after the rain too. But many human beings pay off the debt of rain by embracing its invitation, by saying yes on its call. But some personalities do not improve their mistakes even after that; their personalities instead of producing fruit, give birth to thorns of immorality.

Why it happens so, I found the answer to this question today. The problem does not lie either with the raining invitation to faith or with the land of consciousness. The problem lies with the seed of personality. If the seed is born with personal weaknesses and the drawbacks of character, then even after the conscious acceptance of faith, fruit and flowers of morality cannot grow in it.
How can a person fulfil a promise to reach a place in time, whose life is a model of mismanagement? How can a person overcome his anger, whose life is full of unrestrained emotionality? How can a person demonstrate patience and stability who is innate hasty.

It’s not enough to make morality an invitation, we have to make it a personality. Correction of knowledge is not enough, improvement of character is necessary too. The falling rain gave me this message through its rhythm and order.

Translated by: Muzamil Nazeer