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Our Simplicity

Some of our circles are celebrating American economic crisis nowadays. They think just as our Mujahideen crushed Russia twenty years ago, now they have forced America to its knees. That time is not distant when the United States will not only be defeated in Afghanistan, but also will disintegrate like Russia.

How do we comment on this simplicity? People probably don’t know that even after the first Gulf War, the United States was in the grip of a major economic crisis. After which the whole nation came together and then under the presidency of Bill Clinton, the United States emerged from this crisis and ruled on the global horizon. Apparently, this is what will happen now, and under Obama’s presidency, the United States will once again emerge from this crisis. Suppose it does not happen and the United States collapses after defeat, then what is the point of happiness for us? Our thinking of conflict and hostility has turned Iraq and Afghanistan into graveyards for millions. Even if the United States begins to break up, it is not surprising that the devastated Pakistan will be turned into a graveyard. Is that our happiness?

If America is destroyed then will the power of the world come to the Muslims? Next in line is China, not us. The China that had deprived Muslims of their basic rights in their country. Our fighters will try to collide with China and after that China will do to us what the Tartars did eight centuries ago, that is, it will destroy the whole Islamic world.

The time has come for us to abandon hostility and hatred and embrace invitation and love. Leave the conflict and start building the nation. Instead of celebrating the destruction of others at the cost of your own destruction, think of taking them to heaven. This is not just our religious responsibility, but also the only source of domination in the world.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer