Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Our World

Some time ago a house was settled on our back street. According to the customs, the new owners not only redecorated the house but also did something which is completely strange in our society.

Their house was on the corner where another road was crossing their street. At this junction of two roads their house was on the corner and there were three other houses on the other three sides. They not only planted grass on the plot of land outside their house but also cleaned the outside of the three houses and planted new grass over there as well. In addition to planting new trees outside their home, they also planted coconut trees on the island that divides the road. They also gave a beautiful shape to the small roundabout at the junction of roads by laying colored stones over it. In addition, the poles on the roundabout and coconut trunks were painted to make them stand out in a beautiful way. I feel very pleasant whenever I pass by this place.

In a society where people throw the garbage outside after cleaning their house or at least don’t feel the need to beautify the surroundings of their house, this attitude is not only admirable but also worthy to follow. Any middle-class person can do this kind of job. But our problem is not the money but the lack of awareness. We are not trained to realize that the world outside ourselves, family and home is also my world. My neighborhood is also my home and my city and country is also my home. Alas, we don’t have that feeling, so we just live in “our world.” The day we rise above ourselves and begin to consider the outside world as our own, the situation of our nation will begin to improve a lot.