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Such Captivity, Such Liberation!

There is no one more beautiful than the being of God but His beauty is apparent only by virtue of His attributes. The Sun is a minuscule reflection of His grandeur while the full moon is a trivial example of His splendor. The Sky is a miniature emblem of His glory whereas the rain is just a drop of His compassion.

Life is a mere indication of His omnipotence; the emotion of love that we find in different living beings is an insignificant speck compared with His benevolence. The manifestation of these attributes in His creations makes it possible for a believer to comprehend his Creator from His attributes.

If a human being attains true awareness and insight of the unique attributes of God, he attains perfection. Worship of God becomes his life; love for humanity, his routine. Patience becomes an integral part of his personality and gratitude, his way of life. He gets strength from remembrance of God and dedication to His cause keeps him active in all favorable and adverse circumstances. This is the portrait of a true believer whose heart is like the house of God.

Negative feelings never find a place in this house of God. A heart which is like the house of God can never be an abode for feelings like jealousy, arrogance, malice, hate, meanness, extravagance, pomp and show, selfishness, negligence, backbiting, prying, doubting other people’s intentions and love for illegitimately gained wealth etc.

The diet, conversation, and habits of such a person are in his own control, yet they never go against the wishes of his Lord; even if they do so occasionally, he purges every stain with tears of repentance. This Believer is an absolutely free and independent being, but he lives his life like an utterly restrained and enslaved person. This free yet enslaved servant is in reality, the servant of God.

You set me free after making me yours
Am I captive now, was I free before?

Translated by Bashir Nazir