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The people of Lut and their courts

The nation of Lut in general is known for its homosexuality. However, the Holy Qur’an states that they were a very wicked nation as a whole (Quran 29:30). The culmination of their misconduct was that they did not spare the life, property, or honor of their guests. A very interesting incident in this regard is narrated by our scholiast that once Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) sent his servant to Sodom to inquire about the well-being of his nephew Prophet Lut (peace be upon him). When the servant arrived in Sodom, a Sodomite tore off his head with a stone and then dragged him to court.

In court he sued that I had made the stranger’s head red, so I should be compensated for dyeing his hair. After hearing this argument, the court decided in favor of Sodomite and ordered the servant to pay Sodomite for the head dyeing. Hearing this, the servant got angry, he picked up a stone and tore off the judge’s head and said “give him my wages.” Saying this, he ran away.

This incident, right or wrong, is enough to show that in a society where the courts start making decisions like this, there comes a time when people pick up stones in their hands. After that, no power in the world can stop the heads of honorable judges from exploding.

Whether this statement belongs to Hazrat Ali or not, but these are the final words in the political and judicial history of nations that empires can run with polytheism but not with oppression. It has been heard that some verses of the Quran are put outside the courts in a country. People don’t take God’s words seriously, so it would be better to put this saying of Hazrat Ali there; perhaps someone comes to senses before total destruction.