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The Small Blessings

People often consider the blessings of God to be of two types, the big blessings and the small ones. There may be a difference of opinion from person to person regarding whether a blessing is big or small however, in terms of human psychology, one’s reaction to a blessing is a good standard for classification. When a person feels extreme happiness and thrill on getting something, one can safely say that the person considers it a big blessing. In contrast, when there is not much of a reaction on receiving something, that implies that the person considers it as trivial and insignificant. For example, the happiness a young man experiences on drinking a glass of water is incomparable to the joy he feels on successfully arranging a marriage of his liking.

It is however a fact that every blessing bestowed upon us in this world is a big blessing. For example, if the groom is barred from drinking water a day before the wedding ceremony, by the time the wedding is due, he would consider drinking water to be the biggest problem in his life, having forgotten all about the wedding. It is therefore a big blessing of the Almighty God that he provides us all the big blessings of life for free, at no cost to us. The gift of life, health, shelter, air, water, family bonds etc. are the sort of blessings that people usually tend to receive without any restriction or struggle.

People who lack wisdom often consider these blessings as insignificant and many a times, do not even consider them as blessings in the first place. However, people with true faith quiver with gratefulness when they realise that their compassionate Lord has provided them with all the basic necessities of life without any restriction or cost. Such people do not have to wait for the arrival of a ‘big blessing’ in order to feel grateful to their Lord, for they shed tears of gratefulness all the time while reminding themselves of his blessings. These are the people who will be saved from the torments of Hell in the near future and granted the eternal blessings of Paradise.

Translated by Bashir Nazir and Jawad Khan