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The story of Daisy’s conversion to Islam – Ayesha Kiran

Daisy is a Spanish girl who lived in the South American country of Bolivia. She came in contact with me through social media. Someone from my family introduced me to her saying that she is interested in Islam. Please guide her. I started talking to her through social media. We used to talk about the similar things in Christianity and Islam and at the same time I used to shed light on the book ‘Quran ka Matloob Insaan’ (‘A Person as desired by the Quran’). One day I expressed my intention to my family of sending a book “When life begins” to Daisy; everyone liked it. At my request, my friends, cousins and sisters agreed to send her some gifts along with the book. So we bought some small gifts for her and her sister along with the book as an expression of love.

I didn’t work in those days. So I collected my pocket money and somehow sent the goods via Pakistan Post, which she received after some time. They were very happy to see the gifts and the book. Her father was also pleased with our behaviour. He told her how close our relatives are, but they are not in touch. But these Muslims are your good friends who remember not only you but also your family. I am very impressed with them.

Daisy read the book ‘When Life Begins’. She found the answers to all her questions in the book and thanks to Allah, she accepted Islam. Daisy had the biggest fear of opposition from her father on converting to Islam, but our small act made him aware of the positive attitude of Muslims and, thanks to Allah, he did not resist in her conversion to Islam.