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Top Lobster – Javed Chaudhry

Lobsters are found in the ocean and we humans eat them with great appetite. We and lobsters are completely different creatures, but we both have one thing in common and that is the combination of serotonin and octopamin chemicals. We humans and lobsters have the same growth and decay system. We both progress and succeed in life in the same way; what is this system?

We can understand this with an example. You catch different types of lobsters and throw them in a drum. The lobsters will immediately move around to different corners of the drum and then in a few moments, they will divide the drum into good and bad parts and then start fighting each other for the good place. Their battle will take place in four stages. The larger lobster will first occupy the good spot. If only one lobster in the drum is large and the rest are small in size, then the smaller ones will recognize the right of the larger one and thus this matter will be dealt with at the first stage; but if there are two or more lobsters of equal size in the drum, then the second phase of the fight will begin. They will stand face to face and start intimidating and threatening each other.

In this phase, if one of the lobsters wins and the other or others, even though they are equal in size, give up, then the matter will be resolved here as well and everyone in this drum will start living in peace and contentment. But if the war is not decided after intimidation and threats, then clashes will start. The larger lobsters will start raiding each other. If the battle settles here then fine, otherwise the battle for the best spot will enter the fourth and final stage. There will be a fierce battle between the parties and this battle will continue until one of them surrenders or one of them dies.

If one side concedes defeat, the best place in the drum will go to the winner and thus there will be peace in the drum and the winner will become the chief of all the inhabitants of the drum and the losers will be his subjects. This will be the final battle. After that there will be a new change in the atmosphere of the drum. The successful lobster will grow in size and look better than before and all the female lobsters will gravitate towards this viable lobster and they will produce stronger, beautiful and larger lobsters. This successful lobster is called a top lobster in the parlance of biology.

Experts have been researching for a long time why do lobsters fight with each other? Why do the winning lobsters get bigger and better looking after they win, and why do the losers get smaller and become ugly and heartless? After much research it was found that it is because of two chemicals serotonin and octopamine. As the lobster wins, the chemical serotonin increases and octopamine decreases in its body, and when it completely defeats its opponents, serotonin is at its highest and octopamine at its lowest. Then it increases both in size and attractiveness.

It becomes the top lobster while the rest of the lobsters become inferior, small and ugly, and they don’t make the mistake of fighting or messing with it for the rest of their lives. We humans also have this combination of growth and decline, bravery and cowardice, and beauty and ugliness. As we progress, our serotonin level increases and octopamine level decreases, while in failure, serotonin level decreases and octopamine level increases. Therefore, unsuccessful people continue to fall into the pit of low courage, helplessness, self-pity and oppression.

There had long been a debate in the world of self-help as to why a rich and successful man increases in wealth, health, age, energy, beauty and charm, and why a poor man grows poorer, sicker, uglier and charmless over time. Lobster research found that the chemicals serotonin and octopamine are also responsible for this. Their rate makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. As our wealth and success increases, so does the charm in our personality. We also become better looking and live longer, while the cycle is reversed in the poor man, as he fails, his octopamine level rises and so he becomes poor as well as sick. His height and weight also decrease and he also becomes charmless.

As soon as this theory came up, the knot was also unraveled that how successful man becomes more successful, rich man becomes more rich, good sportsman becomes better sportsman, famous writer becomes more famous writer, successful actor becomes more successful actor, successful politician becomes more successful politician and successful scientist becomes more successful scientist. It was also known how Edison had made 1093 inventions in only 84 years of his life. How did the world’s 3,000 billionaires become richer in the age of Corona? How did Shah Rukh Khan and Salman khan become a superstar from a star? How Brain Tracy’s creation and research has increased over time; and why and how the world’s most successful people remarry at the age of seventy or eighty; and why do young girls fall for them; and why is the average age of these people ninety years?

It’s all about serotonin. It gives more and more kicks to the bodies of successful people over time and they go on and on. In Pakistan, Syed Babar Ali, Imran Khan, Talat Hussain, Mustansar Hussain Tararr, Ata ul Haq Qasmi and Professor Ahmad Rafique are examples of this. They are becoming more youthful, vibrant, charming, funny and brave with the passage of time. Talat Hussain is a journalist, he is going through a tough period from last five years but he is becoming more fit, handsome and brave with the passage of time. Professor Ahmed Rafiq is touching ninety years but he still talks for 15 hours and meet dozens of people every day and we may disagree with the political life of Imran Khan and Mian Shahbaz Sharif, but these people are also very fit physically and they continue to create their political space once again. Why and how is this happening? Just two chemicals.

Now we come to the question: can a normal person increase his serotonin level and decrease octopamine? Yes, he can do it 100%. We must first note that these two chemicals are related to success. As we become successful, our serotonin level increases and our octopamine level decreases, while in defeat the cycle is reversed. Hence, you have to consciously increase your successes and reduce your failures; for example, make a list of small successes, get up early in the morning, get ready and go out, read books, walk and exercise, punctuality, listen more, talk less, increase gratitude and reduce complaint, appeasing an angry customer, tolerating the rudeness of others, giving charity, walking on the right side, giving way to others, respecting women and meeting people kindly; these are seemingly small tasks but these are successes.

It increases your serotonin level and increasing this level brings you to the list of successful people and, sooner or later, you become top lobster and thus your height, beauty, age and wealth increase; and if you don’t adopt these habits, then your octopamine levels will continue to rise and as a result your height, complexion, confidence, health and relationships will all be at stake. So I suggest that you keep achieving small achievements at least ten times a day. God willing, your life will change.

(With thanks form Daily express)