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Treasure Map

People love stories. Especially stories that mention a hidden treasure. In these stories, an adventurer plays with dangers and endures difficulties reaches this treasure. During this campaign, a map is always mentioned to guide him to his destination.

This story of the discovery of hidden treasures, if considered, reflects a particular aspect of human nature. This is the aspect by which man wants to get all the blessings and comforts of the world. All this cannot be achieved without wealth. In the story of the treasure, the same wealth is found by the adventurer in his youth, who is a hero for the readers.

But story-tellers, and in fact most people, don’t know that the story of the treasure is not a movie, not a story. That is a fact. A reality of life in which the main character is their own. From time immemorial, God Almighty had chosen man for the central role in the true story of life. His responsibility was to go on a mission like an adventurer, ignoring the sufferings and comforts of the world and finding the treasure of heaven after which man is entitled to every luxury and comfort and will be saved from every sorrow and sadness.

God has also provided a map to guide mankind on how to reach the hidden treasures of heaven. This map has been given to man through the guidance of the prophets. And for the last time this map has been preserved in written form in the form of the Holy Qur’an and given to human beings. This map shows in words, not symbols, who are the people who are able to reach this treasure. What is the straight path, what are the difficulties in walking on it, how to deal with them, what is the provisions of this path, what to do if you get lost, all this is explained in detail.

But unfortunately, human beings are leaving this map and wandering in the desert of desire and the forest of superstitions. They have forgotten that they have been sent on a mission to the universe. In this expedition, their goal is to reach the treasure of paradise in another world across the mountain of life. It is necessary for them to pass through this jungle of the world carefully. Because there is a swamp of sins at every step; there are predator beasts and dragons of lust left by the devil. They have to take their provisions of the path from this forest, but not make it their home and purpose. He who does so will wander in this forest forever.

Leaving this treasure map is the misfortune of all humanity, but above all it is the misfortune of those to whom the Prophet (P.B.U.H) handed it over. Because others need to understand all this, but they are convinced that this Qur’an is really a map of the hidden treasures of heaven. Other people in the world may give an excuse on the Day of Judgment that we did not have this map of the treasury, but what excuse will the Muslims give on the Day of Judgment?

The condition of Muslims today is that they have the Book of God and the greatest gift given by His Prophet, but they do not take this opportunity to read it. Those who take this opportunity, they read it without thinking and place it at a higher place with respect. For those who claim to understand it, for them it is simply a manifesto for a political revolution in the world. When Muslims are in this situation, what can be expected from a non-Muslim?

Today, the greatest work for the people who love God and human beings is to call people to this book of God. Call to this invitation of the Prophet (P.B.U.H). Because every human being is running out of time fast. The deadline for every adventurer is running out. If he had not find the treasure of paradise with the help of this map, his end would be the abyss of hell. The ditch where you have to shout forever and cry forever.


Translated by Muzamil Nazeer