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When Life Begins

‘When Life Begins’ is the English translation of the Urdu best-selling novel called ‘Jab Zindagi Shuru Ho Gee’ by Abu Yahya. ‘Jab Zindagi Shuru Ho Gee’ provides a comprehensive sketch of the world and life in the Hereafter in the form of an interesting novel.

The English translation was completed in August 2012 and was first published online in October 2012 at Smashwords, which is the world’s largest retailer of indie eBooks. It has since been distributed to various online retailers and shops including Amazon, Apple Store, Sony Store, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Store, Kobo etc. from where it can be downloaded free or for a minimal charge (dependant on the retailer).

The paperback was first published by Inzaar Publications in November 2012. The eBook can be downloaded from this site and also from Smashwords, which displays the book in various formats, appropriate for various mobile devices, like Tablets, Mobiles (iPhone, android, Blackberry, etc.) and also for computers. The link for Smashwords is underneath:

We hope that your first reading of this book is just as exciting as it was for millions of other readers!

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14 Responses to When Life Begins

  1. Taimur Khan says:

    One of the most interesting books i have ever read.

  2. jawad khan says:

    AoA,, i have no words to say regarding this book. it is full and complete way to lead a life.. i cant pack in words to praise this legend. really superb work by author Abu Yahya.

  3. Noman says:

    A.o.A ,
    mujhpe asar kar gai ap ki kitab. Baqi Allah se dua kijye k mjhe naiki k raste pe chalne ki toufeeq ata farmai

  4. shaukat says:

    Changes the philosophy of life. Brings the current life all together in a different context. May Allah bless the author and his associates.

  5. Aeysha Gulzar says:

    really gr8 novel………………………….clears all concepts…….


    when I saw this book lying on a table i saw as ordinary book but when i started reading it I FORGET MYSELF WHERE I AM SITTING i lost myself in the next word after death really and i am no more alive and this book change my life ALLAH GIVE REWARD AND GREAT AJJAR TO BROTHER ABU YAHYA

  7. sidra says:

    I have never ever read extremely effective book like that and whenever I read Quran pak
    with tafseer I understand the Quran more after reading of books of the author.just want to say Allah bless in give success to author in his aim n I wish whole world read this book……

  8. Ayesha Hanif says:

    Although I’ve been reading n listening to various stuff on the topic of hereafter..
    But I must say that this book touched my whole being!!
    So beautifully written..that one starts longing to meet Allah..feeling His infinite Love and mercy..
    I highly recommend this book to all!
    May Allah bless you immensly brother Abu Yahya..and may your end be like that of Abdullah’s 🙂


  10. Bilal Aslam says:

    A great novel i,hve read it n feeling well because itz help to clear our concepts in simple and interestng wording, may Allah bless u dear writer, i wish that u, ll be succesful in ur aim and every one read it, stay bless, Assalamualaikum to all,

  11. Ibn Jamel says:

    Alhamdulillah, it is such a great novel. A must read. May Allah increase us in knowledge and bless us all. Thank you Abu Yahya.

  12. Shahid Hameed says:


    I just started reading this book yesterday and am on chapter 10. I must say that this book is a life changer. Cleared all the concepts of life hereafter as it paints an amazing picture with vivid clarity. Doesn’t talk about any firqa’s and grabs every bit of information about life after death directly from Quran and Hadees. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. May Allah bless brother Abu Yahya for this masterpiece.

  13. Alhaiqa says:

    I have no words for the writer… This book changes my life. I was not like this before. I was not feeling like this before.

  14. Excellent. May Allah Give Jaza-e-Khair to the Writer.

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